A passion for Pokemon has spurred a Tauranga man to travel around New Zealand to "catch em' all", as well as catching funds for the Mental Health Foundation while he's at it.

Caymen Beeby, 21, has been taken by Pokemon since he first laid his hands on Pokemon games as a child.

"I've had the idea to do a trip like this ever since I heard about Pokemon GO. It provided me the opportunity to use the knowledge I have accumulated my entire life do something that I will never, ever forget!"

Pokemon Go is an app where users can catch, train and fight Pokemon.


On August 1 Mr Beeby would be embarking on a self-funded trip up and down the country to catch Pokemon, socialise, and meet players of the app Pokemon Go.

"I decided I'm starting a YouTube series, constantly filming my experiences and doing a Pokemon GO web series as well as a personal blog and living my life long dream of being a real life Pokemon Trainer and Master.

He would start at Cape Reinga and would even visit Stewart Island.

Along the way he would host meet ups, events, and would be doing giveaways for Pokemon GO players he met along the way.

"The main thing I want to achieve with this trip is to make people aware that there's more to life than eating, sleeping and working. See your own country, live in the real world and meet as many people as you can, while you can."

"But another goal is to catch every Pokemon. I'm already 101 down, 50 to go and through the community motivating me I definitely think I can get there," Mr Beeby said.

He said the app Pokemon GO, where users have to walk to find Pokemon, Gyms and Pokestops, had a positive effect on his social life and his health.

"Previously, like most other gamers, I used to stay at home and play video games in my bedroom. This really affected me socially, and in the past two weeks since [Pokemon GO's] release I have met over 600 people and made many new friends," Mr Beeby said.

He had walked 80km playing Pokemon GO since the app was launched in New Zealand on July 6.

Mr Beeby would be fundraising for the Mental Health Foundation during his trip.

"Pokemon GO is doing wonders for those with anxiety or depression. People suffering those tend to isolate themselves, but so many people are out and about, getting exercise and socialising and it's really helping them cope," he said.

He estimated his trip would take just over three weeks.

"It's really a once in a life time opportunity for me and I will live to regret it if I don't do it properly."

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