A campaign created by Bay of Plenty's Wright Family Foundation is designed to provide insight into the lives of every day Kiwis.

Founder Chloe Wright said the foundation wanted to start a conversation about what was important to us and reflected on how we treat others.

A series of 30 second video clips will be playing on television each night introducing Kiwis from all walks of life.

Each clip has a message - from the way they people raised their children, to how important it was to foster creativity in the next generation.


The clips are part of a new initiative titled People Matter, which is designed to provide insight into how everyday New Zealanders live, with a wider goal of connecting people through the power of a friendly conversation.

Mrs Wright said the foundation hoped the extraordinary people on these clips would encourage a greater movement toward real conversation that, in turn, enabled people to reach their potential and build a cohesive society.

"Kindness and a smile, listening not judging, people never cease to surprise me with their capacity for caring."

The foundation enlisted the help of a film production company to travel the country and talk with random people at various locations about their life experiences. Mrs Wright said the results were astounding, as typically reserved Kiwis opened up to share intimate insights from their world.

"As the film crew travelled New Zealand, listened to what mattered in our lives. It was family, sharing, education, the environment. What brought people real happiness was not "stuff", but being supported, not critiqued. Being listened to, being included."

The foundation wants to encourage others who have been challenged, surprised or affected in some way by the videos to get in touch via the Wright Family Foundation website or Facebook page, and share their own stories.

"When my daughter Belinda saw these videos, she was utterly moved by what these people had to say. It's not every day we get a chance to tell the world about ourselves in a way that is raw and engaging, and I hope to hear from other Kiwis who have an emotional response to these videos."

The clips will run from April 10 to April 25, playing at key commercial breaks during peak-hour television shows such as One News, The Paul Henry Show and Breakfast.


The Wright Family Foundation, established by Chloe and Wayne Wright, is the driving force behind a number of key organisations and events in New Zealand - all with the aim of helping individuals achieve their goals through education. These include the Kids' Lit Quiz, NZ Spelling Bee, the Plain English Awards, House of Science, Plunket and BestStart Educare (formerly Kidicorp).