Jazz Festival director Becks Chambers said the New Orleans TECT Jazz Village already had between 1500 and 2000 people through the gates at 1.30pm, and she expected numbers would "easily hit" 4000.

Phil Broadhurst and Miho Wada performed at the event yesterday.

Pauline Ten Have, who attended the event, said although it was not her type of music, "the atmosphere was really nice".

The main stage and the food stalls proved popular with guests. Ms Chambers said her highlight of the festival had been the Hurricane Party on the waterfront.


"It was absolutely amazing," she said.

She said there was "approximately 600" people who had attended the party. Ms Chambers said the new event was a "really worthwhile new venture", and had "gone off with a bang".

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Multiple stages offer choice

"Young people, old people, and everyone in between had been dancing for hours.

"Everybody left and were absolutely pumped," she said.

Ms Chambers was planning on getting their "small team" together after the last event of the Jazz Festival for "celebratory thank-you drinks for the volunteers".

They would then go through the feedback received and work on reports for the council and the community.

They had already received positive responses from festival-goers.

"We've had lots of awesome feedback," she said.