Kiwi-Cut owner Paul Champion (pictured) says the best part of being his own boss is the freedom. He also likes the fresh air and meeting people.

Mr Champion bought the mobile business more than nine years ago after being involved in the motel industry and hasn't looked back since.

"After moteling we went overseas for three years, and when I came back I was 60 and I couldn't get a job. I looked at lawn mowing franchises but because I liked running, swimming and triathlons at that time I thought it would wear me out and I wouldn't have any energy left for sport."

In the beginning Mr Champion said he did not warm to the idea of being a key cutter, "it's not really up there as a posh sort of job".


However, after doing his sums it worked out to be a worthwhile investment, and business was growing, he said.

"It has been enjoyable enough for me to be able to carry on and keep going. I am 69 this year, I can do this until I fall over."