A new "political pop up store" has been established in the heart of Tauranga city centre.

The office will be home to Tauranga MP Simon Bridges and Bay of Plenty candidate Todd Muller's campaign efforts ahead of this year's election, which takes place on September 20.

Mr Bridges said the campaign office was expected to open by the end of the week and would provide brochures, cards and policy material for National supporters and would-be voters.

"It's for National supporters but also general public who we would like to persuade to vote for us to check us out," Mr Bridges said.


The office is on Devonport Rd, opposite Farmers and just metres away from Mr Bridges' and current Bay MP Tony Ryall's electoral office. Mr Bridges said the new office would serve as a hub for their campaign this year and would close on the afternoon of September 19.

"I'm really excited about it," Mr Bridges said.

"It's just part of Todd and I stepping up our campaign in Tauranga, where people see it and know what we are up to and get information about National policy and views, and we can hear what they are thinking," he said.

Mr Muller said the electoral office would remain and, if he was successful in the election, it would become his new office where he would be based.

Both men said they would try to frequent the new campaign office when they could but it would mostly be run by volunteers.