Two Tauranga men have admitted the armed robbery of a 23-year-old shop worker at Matua Dairy who was attacked and bashed over the head with a metal rod.

Concrete workers Tuhukia Tysson Mahia, 18, and his brother Shaun Mahia, 17, pleaded guilty to a joint charge of aggravated robbery in Tauranga District Court today.

The robbery was committed just after 6pm on May 27 this year while the dairy worker was working alone.

The victim says two of the group entered the store armed with a metal rod, and after he refused to open the till, he was hit over the head and arms with the weapon.


The robbers then fled with $50 worth of goods.

The two offenders are seeking to be bailed pending sentencing to enable them to explore a restorative justice meeting with their victim.

Judge Tony Couch said he would deliver his bail decision later this morning.

A third alleged offender Matthew James Kingi, 27, who is also due to appear in court today, is yet to enter a plea to the charge.