Papamoa's Melanie Lewis said everything has changed since the arrival of her triplets, Bella, Chloe and Elsie, six months ago.

The three identical triplets will be half a year old on January 5.

They have just started enjoying solid foods and sleeping through the night, Mrs Lewis said. "The last few months have been a whirlwind and (we are) so busy but they have been really good babies. No colic, no reflux, good feeds and good sleepers."

However, she said having three babies at the same age has given her a whole new perception of what being busy with a baby means.


Ms Lewis said she has been overwhelmed with the help and support from family, friends and community members. "Right from the start there has been kindness from strangers. People just want to help out."

Ms Lewis said her own mother was equally as shocked at the news of the three newest members of the family but had given up two days of work from her business, Just Julie Wallpaper, to help out.

"She has cut that down just for the triplets. We also have a neighbour across the road who helps with 1am feeds. She came in and knocked on the door one night when she saw the light on."

The family is also receiving 1500 hours of home care from the government in the first year of the babies' lives.

Much to the delight of her parents, the triplets' elder sister two-year-old Emily has been a blessing with the new babies.

"She loves them and likes to help out. She will get up at 5.30am and run into the nursery to say good morning."

The 36-year-old mum said each of the babies had started to develop their own personalities and characters.

"Elsie is the most vocal, Chloe is the most cruisey and easy going and Bella was the biggest baby and also the most chatty."