We all have our favourite go-to café - the café where they know your name, they know what you order and always have a savoury muffin or scone to tempt you.

So, I was delighted to be asked to do this week's Bay Bites at Delicacy and Juz Catering at 11th Ave Plaza.

Just over 11 years ago, the vivacious Sandy opened the doors of her cafe in what was my mate's 'butcher' shop.

With a new interior, a real talent for producing delicious food with incredible flavours, and great staff, Delicacy and Juz Catering was launched and the rest, as they say, is history.


Through hard work and a dedication to customers, Delicacy and Juz Catering has become an integral part of our lives.

From catering weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, work functions, dinner parties and even my father-in-law's wake, the team at Delicacy and Juz Catering takes all the hassle out of hosting events.

Eager to see what was on the lunch menu, I headed down to 11th Ave Plaza. With free parking right at the door, regular faces are enjoying the alfresco dining in the winter sun. I ventured inside noting it was nice to see the large dining table being used for a girls' lunch.

Standing at the food cabinet, I started to salivate at what delicious morsels were on offer.

The cabinet food changes daily and offers a great selection of gourmet club sandwiches, salads, homemade pies, quiche with vegetarian, gluten and vegan options available.

She had
With a number of items taking her fancy, she debated whether she would select the gluten-free spiced pear, blue cheese, walnuts and watercress quiche or the chicken, pumpkin, yoghurt, coriander, watercress filo parcel, or stay with her all-time favourite chicken and leek pie.

She finally chose the chicken and mushroom crepe with a side of the summer wild rice and red bean salad. The crepe was absolutely delicious and with the creamy filling combined with the salad she said it was a delicious lunch. It took quite some time to choose in the sweet cabinet. With a choice of Lemon Friands, Oaty Plum Slice, Old Fashion Custard Tart, Chocolate Brownie or the Raspberry and White Chocolate Slice to name just a few I decided to try the Lemon Crumble Slice with a cup of English Breakfast tea.

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Again, spoilt for choice, I wavered between the tempting sausage roll, as we are in search for the best sausage rolls in NZ on Coast radio or the beef and red wine potato top pie. I love potato top pies so went with that with the wild rice and red bean salad.


Good choice, Brian. Has to be one of the nicest potato top pies I have ever had ... and I have had a few. I washed it down with a handcrafted Aroha sparkling elderflower soda.

From the sweet cabinet
I went with my all-time favourite, oaty apricot slice. The verdict It was certainly well worth visiting this gem of a café tucked away in 11th Ave Plaza.

And it's not just a café. Delicacy has a selection of giftware, does pre-packaged take home meals and they are now the Tauranga stockist of Mount Sourdough breads.