Two local liquor stores Mount Wine Barrel and Super Liquor Papamoa were ordered to close for 24 hours this week after being caught selling booze to a minor during a police sting.

The Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority ordered the stores to close for 24 hours on April 1, upon application by Tauranga Police alcohol harm reduction officer Sergeant Nigel McGlone.

Mr McGlone said that during a controlled purchase sting operation on December 17, 2013, police found the premises were being conducted in breach of sale of alcohol rules.

David John Carr, Mount Wine Barrel's general manager, also had his licence to sell booze suspended for 30 days from April 1 for failing to conduct the premises in a proper manner.


The off-licence was issued to Vino Amare, also known as Mount Wine Barrel.

The NZ Companies Office registry shows Mr Carr is one of Vino Amare's co-directors.

He has not returned calls.

The grounds for the suspensions were not challenged.

Anthony Goldie Montgomery's general manager of Maravu Holdings, known as Super Liquor Papamoa, also had his licence to sell suspended for 21 days from April 1.

But Mr Montgomery did not make the sale.

A further sting at a Mount Maunganui bottle store on December 17 has resulted in general manager Janice Kathleen Body's licence to sell being suspended for 30 days from April 14.

Meanwhile, Denay Adia Schippers, who is employed at Brooklyn Patio & Eatery, has had her manager's licence suspended for 30 days from April 14 after being convicted for drink-driving.


On January 3 she blew close to twice the adult drink driving limit when stopped by police.

Ms Schippers, who appeared in Tauranga District Court on January 24, was fined $500 and disqualified from driving for six months.

The suspension application was made on the grounds that her drink-driving conduct showed she was not a suitable person to hold the general manager's licence certificate.

Neither she nor Ms Body have challenged the suspensions.

Mr McGlone said, for the most part, off-licensees in this area were complying with the rules but these lapses uncovered by controlled purchases on a Tuesday morning were disappointing.

"We would hope that it's a clear message to other licensees that they need to stay vigilant 24-7 about ensuring they fully comply with the liquor licensing rules, particularly identifying the age of those they sell alcohol to," he said.