A 'pay it back' campaign for local rugby clubs begins today in the hopes of making sure clubs are still standing post-Covid.

Bay Rugby has set up a give a little page on behalf of the Union's affiliated rugby clubs and called it the "Pay it Back" campaign.

The campaign is aimed at current and past players, supporters, businesses and members of rugby clubs who want to give back and get ready to provide rugby for their players and community post-Covid.

"It's going to be tough with the added work to keep their members safe and so every bit of support counts," Bay of Plenty community rugby manager Pat Rae said.

He said clubs were battling to overcome the hardship brought about by the pandemic with the long-term impact it will have on clubs in the region still unclear.

When Bay Rugby suggested the 'Pay it Back' Campaign, there was an underlining feeling that clubs felt uncomfortable and did not want to ask the community for help, Rae said.

"Like true grassroots people."


"Clubs have always been about that hand up, not hand out mentality but its times like this when everyone needs a little bit of support.

Rugby clubs provided memories, generation after generation, and now its time for our community to help pay it back, he said.

"It could be as little as the cost of a flat white you'd drink whilst watching a game from the side-line or the price of a pint you'd buy to celebrate a victory or commiserate a loss."

All donated money will go towards clubs and community.

Examples of how the money would be spent is hygiene supplies, subsidizing junior club fees for whānau in need, buying paint to mark the fields.

"And replace those stolen socks from last year," Rae joked.

Along with monetary donations, people can also volunteer their time.

Those who want to volunteer can out at their local rugby club and rebuild their club to be better than before Covid-19.

"It takes a club to run a club," Rae said.

All funds raised will go to the club the donator nominates.

Bay Rugby will deposit donations into the club's bank account at the end of the fundraising period.

The campaign gets underway on today and ends on June 12.

Give a little page link: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/pay-it-back-fundraiser


Bay of Plenty Rugby Clubs participating in the 'Pay it Back' campaign

Participating Clubs

Arataki Junior Rugby

Arataki Senior Rugby


Greerton Marist




Marist St Michaels

Mt Maunganui




Paroa Junior Rugby





Tauranga Sports



Whakatane Marist