A little boy was helping his father work on a car at their home in Sugar City, Idaho when the Toyota Prius slipped from the jack.

JT Parker, 8, saw the 1400kg car crush father Stephen Parker, which broke 13 of his ribs making it excruciating to breathe on the hot July day.

The 22kg boy adjusted the jack and started jumping up and down on the handle for 15 minutes to lift the car.

JT told East Idaho News: "It was scary, and I didn't think that I could jack the car up, but I just kept on trying."


When he was asked what made him think he could muster the strength to lift the car, JT simply responded: "Angels".

Stephen doesn't remember what happened because he passed out shortly after the car landed on top of him.

He is shocked his son was able to move the car by himself when it took the combined strength of his other 17-year-old son Mason and Stephen to jack it.

JT alerted his brother to call emergency services once the car was lifted off of their father. Mason is heard on the recording begging his father to breathe through the pain.

Stephen was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition but suffered no internal damage.

JT tried to lift the car later but was not able to. His mother Jodi Parker told East Idaho News: "This whole thing is a miracle. There's no other way to describe it."

"There's no way that little boy could have done that. I just felt that it was a responsibility we now have to tell people that miracles still exist."

JT was honoured as one of the Red Cross's East Idaho Real Heroes on Thursday.