Scaling Mount Everest is a gruelling challenge, but two professional climbers have attempted to show a more light-hearted side to the epic feat through a series of Snapchat videos.

Americans Corey Richards and Adrian Ballinger spent two months at Base Camp preparing to climb the peak, while also keep their followers updated on social media.

The men shared clips of everything from day-to-day activities like brushing their teeth, to shaking snow out of their tent as it started to crush under the weight of flurry during a climb.

Despite the incredibly difficult task at hand, the duo managed to maintain a sense of humour in their posts throughout, documenting their #everesthair competition and using the faeces emoji to describe the emotion they felt on seeing the mountain.

In one clip on YouTube that selects some of their best moments, Adrian is seen saying: "I just opened the window to check out the view I think that's Mount Everest, I think that's Mount Everest - I'm terrified."


The men also showed the moments when they struggled to carry on, including one post by Corey where he tells the camera: "Everything about this mountain is humbling, they're big, we weren't expecting this and we are worked - very tired."

The climbers both attempted to scale the peak without oxygen, something which only 193 people have previously achieved, but unfortunately only Corey managed to reach the top.

Adrian was forced to turn back just a thousand feet from the summit after the lack of oxygen's effect on his body became too severe to continue safely.

Just 3,000ft before he had Snapchatted an emotional account where he described how he was the highest human in the world at that moment.

As Corey carries on alone, he takes a shot of the summit before telling the camera: "Unfortunately AB had to turn around a little bit earlier so it's up to me to hold it down - hopefully I can do it, that's the summit."

The men are the first climbers to travel up Everest while documenting their journey live on social media, which they did under the caption #EverestNoFilter.