12 of the most misguided US media predictions about Donald Trump

By Callum Borchers

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was written off. Photo / AP
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was written off. Photo / AP

Donald Trump is the presumptive US Republican presidential nominee. This is a real thing that has happened.

So now seems like a good moment to remember some of the many, many times we in the news media said this day would never come.

Trump signs in Indiana. Photo / AP
Trump signs in Indiana. Photo / AP

The media folks on this list shouldn't feel too badly; almost everyone else was wrong, too - including three-quarters of the US electorate, which in July believed that Trump was not a serious candidate, according to Gallup.

If you were a believer from the beginning, good for you. But you probably weren't.

In no particular order, here's a sampling of the most wrong media predictions about Trump's candidacy:


Our emphatic prediction is simply that Trump will not win the nomination. It's not even clear that he's trying to do so
Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight, Aug. 11


Historians looking back will peg the beginning of the end of the Trump show to his New Hampshire moment last week
Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post, Sept. 22


Trump has every right to run. This is a democracy after all. But what he should not get is covered as though this is an even-close-to-serious attempt to either win the Republican nomination or influence the conversation in GOP circles in any significant way. It's not
Chris Cillizza, The Fix, June 17


The chance of his winning [the] nomination and election is exactly zero
James Fallows, the Atlantic magazine, July 13


Trump is no more going to actually win the nomination than Sanders is
Matthew Yglesias, Vox, Aug. 5


Trump is toast after insult: 'McCain not a war hero.'
New York Post cover, July 19


Donald Trump is going to lose because he is crazy
Jonathan Chait, New York magazine, Aug. 26


When the primaries arrive early next year, the Trump vote will subdivide further among the other Republican tortoises. If he stays in, Donald Trump becomes another presidential also-ran. With ostentation suitable to his stature, Mr Trump should retire to a skybox, and enjoy what he has wrought
Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal, Sept. 30


Donald Trump is not going to be the next president of the United States. This reporter is already on record pledging to eat a bag of rusty nails if the real estate tycoon with the high hair manages to snag the GOP nomination, much less takes down likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton next (autumn)
Ben White, CNBC, July 17


Now, seriously, does anyone other than The Donald truly believe his fame and fortune are going to get him anywhere in a Republican presidential primary, let alone a general election? His candidacy has been a joke from the start. He makes for great copy, but so did Jack the Ripper
Peter Fenn, US News & World Report, July 20


We're told from (pretty much) every analyst out there - liberal, conservative, doesn't matter -- to not take Trump seriously, and they're right
Joe Concha, Mediaite, July 9


It's going to be Rubio. I'm telling you: It's going to be Rubio
David Brooks, New York Times columnist on NBC, Jan. 24

- Washington Post

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