A six-storey scaffolding tower yesterday blew on to a neighbouring office block in wild winds, smashing about 12 windows as it collapsed.

The structure by the Takapuna Finance Centre on Hurstmere Rd toppled over when a large piece of the concrete wall it was bolted to tore away from the building.

The 20m-high, 10m-wide structure damaged the neighbouring office block building as it fell.

The Government's labour service was on site yesterday.


Instant Access national manager David Rouse, which provided the scaffolding, said there were strong winds blowing through the courtyard separating the two buildings but no one had been in either commercial block.

Mr Rouse said it was the first time their scaffolding had blown over and an engineer would look into why the concrete broke off before any more was put up.

"We've never had one fall down. This is our first so we are learning from it," he said.

The plastic-wrapped scaffolding was keeping the weather out while the Takapuna Finance Centre windows were reglazed.

Fire Service senior communicator Nicole Bernard said emergency services were called out to the site about 10.30am yesterday to make sure no one was in the area or injured.