The $70 million budgeted over four years to get rid of bovine TB has to be a good move, Federated Farmers provincial president Brian Doughty says.

The disease is not under full control, and will be a threat until it is.

He's not sure it's possible to completely eliminate bovine tuberculosis, but said it was worth a shot.

"We need to make sure that we don't talk our eye off the eight-ball."


Fonterra's predicted overall milk payout for next season, $4.25 per kilo of milk solids, also came out yesterday.

The low price showed there was still an international oversupply of milk, and that was not going to change quickly.

"Most people need $5.20 to $5.30 a kilogram. There will still be some people hurting this financial year, as they have been for the last two or three years."