A car was "munted" after a crash in Castlecliff on Thursday night, but nobody was hurt.

Whanganui Fire senior station officer Bryce Coneybeer said firefighters went out to the crash scene on Mosston Rd.

The crash happened about 7pm, when a car travelling along the road hit a parked vehicle.

Mr Coneybeer said there were no injuries.


He said firefighters had also been out to two different incidents yesterday morning where wires in power lines were arcing.

The incidents were unrelated and he was unsure why they had two such events in one day, but thought it might have something to do with weather or "dodgy insulation".

The crew yesterday had been busy checking electric blankets in between callouts.

"It's been absolutely hectic," he said.

They tested just under 400 blankets, and failed 75 of them.

Faulty or unsafe blankets included those with broken or bare wires, and faulty controllers.

"A couple of them were able to electrocute people," Mr Coneybeer said.

Obvious faults people could spot at home included lumps in the blankets where the wires get rolled up, or cracked and discoloured controllers, or bare wires.

Mr Coneybeer said people should have their electric blankets tested once a year by an appliance repair person.

"It's good that so many people were conscientious enough to bring them in," he said.