Through the Looking Glass is a quirky exhibition featuring the work of five sculptors from throughout New Zealand.

The exhibition is at the Quirky Fox Gallery in Hawera.

The artists range from amateurs to award winners, and each have each created three to five pieces in their own unique style. Gallery owner Victoria Fox said the five were asked to produce a 3D piece of work infused with personality.

So delicate bronze pieces sit next to hand-carved totara and air-dried clay for the exhibition, which opened last Saturday.


Among the artists are Emily Thomas from Auckland, whose ceramic ducks act as trophy mounts suitable for even the strictest vegetarian, said Victoria.

Helen Perrett, also from Auckland, takes inspiration from history, literature, mythology and children's book illustrations. Having studied garden design, archaeology, history and English language as well as ceramics, Helen creates pieces with a sense of history or a story behind them.

Her work has been nominated for numerous awards and is available in select galleries across New Zealand, Victoria said.

Melissa Young a Wellington-based artist, produces delicate figurative sculptures in bronze. Her sculpture Experience is the Mother of Knowledge was placed first equal in the Pacific Art Awards.

Christchurch artist Perry Logan makes "wood thingies from recycled hardwoods". His work revolves around monsters, creatures, robots and other oddities. Much of the wood has been salvaged from earthquake-damaged pieces, such as rimu from damaged fireplace surrounds and cedar from old pool tables.

Then there is The Lonely Animal Friendship Society, devised by Edward Newbigin of Auckland.

"To be a member of The Lonely Animal Friendship Society (LAFS ) you have to be an animal, lonely and looking for a friend," said Victoria.

The pieces are crafted from polymer clay, pumice, air-drying clay, wire, acrylic paint and varnish.

"In Auckland their kindly patron, Edward, delves deep inside their psyche to discover what makes them tick," Victoria said.

"So that with their newly found self-awareness and Edward's support they set out to make new friends and find new homes."