A Martinborough man charged with several burglaries in the township appeared in Masterton District Court on Tuesday.

Zig Matthew Kennedy, 19, has been charged with six counts of burglary.

Kennedy has yet to plead and was remanded on 24-hour curfew for a plea on May 12. The burglaries, between March 19 and April 12, include Cambridge Road Vineyard, Vineyard Cafe, the Old Manse guesthouse, and the Siam Kitchen Thai Restaurant.

Fine for fraud and damageA Carterton man was fined on Tuesday for wilful damage and three counts of internet fraud.


Mathew Garry Albrett, 28, pleaded guilty in Masterton District Court to damaging a vehicle on February 1 by kicking the rear door after first confronting the driver.

He also pleaded guilty to offering a cellphone for sale online on three occasions, which resulted in money being paid to him while no cellphone was supplied.

Judge Barbara Morris noted Albrett was unavailable for community work because of an upcoming 6-day-a-week job, but said the fine would need to be "something more than a licensing fee".

Albrett was fined a total of $2100 and ordered to pay court costs of $390 on the three fraud charges, as well as having to pay a total $2140 of compensation.

He was also ordered to pay reparation for the wilful damage charge, and sentenced to nine months supervision.