Wairarapa A&P Society's third annual auction at Clareville on Saturday has "something for everyone", boast organisers.

The auction, which takes a small commission on all items sold, is raising money for the upgrade of the caravan park on site.

The society's secretary, Lynley Hamilton, said the auction is a great way for people to make money.

The auction includes a Toyota RAV 4 and Pajero four-wheel-drive, as well as a carafloat, a combined caravan and horse float.


She said the Pajero is about 10 years old.

There are miniature ponies for sale, and even a boat.

"We've been inundated with items," said Mrs Hamilton.

"The assortment and variation has been amazing.

"This should have great appeal to the general public."

The special item of interest, the carafloat, is "quite unique" in being a liveable caravan in one half, but used to transport horses or motorbikes in the other half.

But the list goes on: tractors, sheep, ponies, poultry, turkeys, farm machinery, horse gear, fencing equipment, windows, doors, tools, generators, air compressors, furniture, sports equipment, fishing gear, duck decoys, timber, ride-on mower, garden ornaments and tools, beds, outdoor furniture, pea straw, horse gig, calf feeders, irrigation pipes, bird netting, potters wheel, welder, troughs and totara battens

"You name it, we've got it."

She said the response to the call for auction items "has really exceeded our expectations", especially in an age when internet sales dominated.

"We can't quite believe it.

"This sort of thing brings the whole community out, and it's a good way for people to get rid of gear -- and a great way to get some money."

The society takes a 10 per cent commission, although some have been donated for the society's purse.

The auction gets under way at the Clareville Showgrounds from 10am.