Martinborough Transport "saved the day" for stallholders facing high winds at Saturday's Greater Wellington Brewday in Martinborough.

The company turned up with six cattle trucks to line the western boundary of the Brewday event, an annual summer beer festival.

Martinborough Transport manager Josh Hawkins said he got a call from Martinborough butcher Scott Reid, of Scotty's Meats, who was trying to set up his stall in a strong north-westerly.

"He said they were all getting blown away.


"Luckily, Saturday is a quiet day for us. So we came and made a bit of a wall."

He said six trucks was more than half their fleet.

"It's not the first time we've used them for that purpose, we've had the odd call before, using one or two," said Mr Hawkins, adding they had never done six before.

The trucks had to pull up while stall holders were setting up, with some trucks being backed in to tightly set the wall.

Scott Reid said he thought of the trucking company because he could remember "back in the day" when Martinborough Transport's previous owner, Trevor Hawkins, used trucks to shelter events.

"I thought it would be the ideal thing, so I gave them a call."

He joked they could bring one "dirty" cattle truck down, but they were all clean, he said.

"They did a great job. It really saved all the boys on that side."

Brewer Kerry Gray, of Choice Bros in Wellington, said the trucks "saved the day" for the stall holders.

"Definitely, and that butcher deserves a beer."

He said they were only partly able to set up their gazebo in the wind, before giving up and looking to move.

"We would have lost the gazebo completely.

"That's when the trucks came. Without them, we would have abandoned the stands."

He said the day went on to be "successful as always.

"I hope it comes back next year."