As Fashion Week kicks off this morning, the Viva fashion team share what they’re anticipating most.

Amanda Linnell,


Having just seen the inspiring Sylvester range for Autumn/Winter 2015 as part of The Marr Factory, I can't wait to see the more sophisticated Kate Sylvester collection. It's been too long since Kate showed at Fashion Week. Her shows are evocative and inspirational; the music always brilliant. And, with the rest of team, I'm looking forward to Stolen Girlfriends Club at Western Springs. Offsite shows always have an air of excitement and bring a much needed shot of variety.

Zoe Walker, Fashion features and digital editor
The return of Kate Sylvester on Thursday night. Her shows are always so thoughtful - everything from the music to backdrop, models to choreography - and I'm interested to see how she translates her Donna Tartt inspiration on to the runway. Also the Underground installation/exhibition on Tuesday afternoon: it was my highlight last year, so looking forward to this year's version at Silo Park. Jimmy D's pharmaceutical inspired-collection sounds particularly cool.


Janetta Mackay, Beauty editor
Surprise: that moment when the music, the models, their beauty look, the styling and staging and, of course, the clothes, all come together to somehow be more than the sum of their parts. That's the rare magic of fashion.

Dan Ahwa, Stylist and Canvas fashion editor
Atmosphere. Offsite shows are always exciting. I'm excited to see the Stolen Girlfriends Club show this year. I grew up going to Western Springs Speedway as a kid, so it will be fun to return. They always manage to create a buzz and sometimes with the shows it's important to remember to not take yourself too seriously, which they manage to do well every Fashion Week without fail.

Fiona Ralph, Writer
The Stolen Girlfriends Club show at Western Springs - I'm expecting theatrics. Sending a jaded fashion crowd to a speedway on a freezing not-quite-spring evening? Brilliant.

Katherine Lowe, Blogger and contributor
This year will be my first year that I'm officially contributing to a publication other than my blog, so as weird as it sounds, the thing I'm most excited about is to be answering to someone else. In addition to that, I'm looking forward to seeing new faces on the runway - I've worked with and watched a lot of them progress over the past year so I feel kind of like a proud mother or something, seeing how far they've come.

Anna Lee, Editorial assistant
I feel Auckland's fashion gets too boring, too basic and too black. I almost prefer admiring the clothing paraded on the footpath rather than the catwalk so I can't wait to check out the fresh injection of street style that the Fashion Week attendees pull together.