Extensions - we're so over them - except when they're shown to the obvious nth degree, as in this eye-catching image for coloured mascara, our new season cosmetic craze.

You've tried the bright liner, now how about experimenting with your natural lashes? This can be as subtle as a little colour added to the tips as a top-coat or a full-on fun application to intensify your eye shade. Yellow and magenta are strictly for fashion shows, but a little navy, purple, deep green or plum is more quietly alluring.

Fashion-forward makeup brands, such as Chanel and M.A.C (which is responsible for the model look on this page), have been dabbling with coloured mascara for several seasons now, but the trend is set to step up in 2014, as is consumer enthusiasm for false lashes and lash growth enhancers. We are hoping, however, that a few naughty beauty companies have made a New Year's resolution to 'fess up to when they digitally enhance or manually supplement lashes in their mascara advertisements, lest more women are left feeling their own crop is somehow lacking.

At Viva our resolution remains to enjoy makeup for its superficial enhancement, not for creating unrealistic expectations.