The undercard bout between Jaime Ridge and Rosanna Arkle - scheduled for Thursday next week - was on the ropes yesterday after The GC star labelled her opponent "a cheat".

Organisers said Ridge was so upset she threatened to pull out.

But Ridge's trainer, Monty Betham, told The Diary: "Jaime will be there, mark my words."

The spat between the aspiring TV stars reached fever pitch on Wednesday when Arkle was approached by The Diary following suggestions Ridge had not lost the required weight, but had gained a few kilos. Arkle later took to Twitter and Facebook to vent.


A weight disparity between the two girls - Arkle at 52kg and Ridge at 60kg - meant organisers requested them to respectively lose and gain weight.

Dean Lonergan, one of the promoters of the KFC Godfather of all Fight Nights, said Ridge had promised at the outset to "lose a couple of kilos" to make the fight fair.

"She has been working really hard, but it looked like Jaime had gained weight," Lonergan said.

Sources said Betham had joked recently that his protege had deliberately added pounds to gain an advantage.

But Betham told The Diary that's not true. "She will be the right weight on the night."

Arkle was livid. "If she wants to take this fight seriously, then Little Miss Prissy needs to lose the weight as promised," she told The Diary.

"I train hard every day. I was told to gain weight and I have. She doesn't listen to the rules. I wasn't brought up like that. I didn't have wealthy parents. I've worked hard for everything."

But Betham says any doubt of Ridge's dedication is rich "coming from a girl who's fighting in a bikini".

Betham said Ridge was taking the bout very seriously.

"She's training twice a day ... and she's well-respected by the boxers at the gym." Boxing Alley sources say Ridge packs a hard punch.

Her mother, Sally, waded into the weight debate, telling her daughter wasn't interested in slimming down.

"Losing weight is not Jaime's number one priority, she's a healthy young kid, why would she need to lose weight? She's not doing this fight to go on a blinking diet," Sally said.

However, Ridge the Elder missed the point. Her daughter was expected to lose the weight and agreed to do so.

Both Rosanna, Jaime and their trainers are being paid for their part in the boxing competition and organisers say a deal is a deal.

Arkle says she's pleased Ridge hasn't been disqualified. "I still want to do the fight. All this training and dedication for nothing would suck."

Ridge's rep says she's keen to "let her fists do the talking".


One Kim shares private photos cavorting poolside, posing in the glow of marital bliss and pictured cheek-to-cheek with American millionaires. The other is Kim Kardashian.

Kim Dotcom is fast gaining miles on the bumpy road of celebrity.

This week, he continued to forge a Twitter path through the snow and cynics to mobilise a huge following.

It's "fascinating," said Business Herald editor Liam Dann. "He has 40,000 followers in less than a week. John Key has 51,000."

Dotcom's arrival as an audience member at Media 7's final show on Wednesday prompted some of the Fourth Estate to go positively giddy.

TV3 hipster David Farrier, no stranger to rubbing shoulders with Hollywood heavyweights, quickly posted a photo arm-in-arm with his "hero" on Twitter. He wrote: "You can achieve your dreams!"

What has come over us? Our typically curmudgeonly take on Celebrity Inc has faded faster than, well, a Kardashian marriage.

Dotcom has morphed into a celebrity hero in one Twitter week, thanks largely to three media men and a pool dip that instigated an online cult following.

He's been bailed to Coatesville on copyright charges, combating extradition, for several months. But the past seven days have seen Dotcom's plight catapult up the icon index.

He has become a cause celebre.

Dotcom is devouring his newfound fame. And plenty greedily consume every private family shot he shares and every self-promotional message.

Kardashian has amassed 15 million dedicated Twitter followers who glean every glossy and gormless memo. Pfft, Dotcom would say. That's 375 weeks and counting.


When 25-year-old journo Laura McQuillan was evicted by a court registrar at the Scott Guy murder trial on Wednesday for wearing gold sequin leggings, some said it was judicial bureaucracy gone mad.

"Is this sexism in the courts? I've been on a media bench in jeans at court. Would a guy have been kicked off for his choice of leg wear?" David Farrar blogged.

But Labour party general secretary Chris Flatt took the Winston Peters approach and used the twinkly tights to lash out at the Government.

"Are you a Nat stooge tasked with moving [the] media debate away from asset sales to amazing pants?"


Anna Paquin is reportedly expecting twins this year, and songbird Anika Moa will celebrate the first birthday of her twin boys next month.

"It's been the toughest year - tougher than the music industry - but it's been the best. I'm a successful mum. And they're the loves of my life," Moa told The Diary.

One News sports presenter Andrew Saville and his wife, Pamela Leong, welcomed twin boys into their family six weeks ago.

"We could not be more thrilled with having twins, and even though sleep is a distant memory, every day we count ourselves very blessed and lucky to have two special little people to love," Saville told The Diary.


Richard Langston, a freelance journalist and published poet with five books to his credit, released a new ode this week on Tumblr, called MyDog.

His eloquent poems about the Christchurch earthquake have made headlines, but he told The Diary he prefers to reveal something of himself whatever the subject.

"I'd had a few wines, listened to some music and thought 'I'm lucky to be alive'. I wrote about friendship, using my dog as the symbol."

Langston, a former TV3 current affairs reporter and Kiwi music buff, has co-written a documentary with filmmaker Peter Young about conservation and the commercial fishing of the Antarctic toothfish in the Ross Sea.

The Last Ocean screens on Prime later this year.