It's the whole show in one go! Today

The Country

is brought to you by the late, great Chuck Berry...and Justin it too late now to say sorry?

On with the show: Phil Duncan: Monday's resident weather expert talks about the arrival of autumn and his preference for Bieber rather than Berry!

Te Radar: The voice behind the FMG Young Farmer of the Year reflects on Lisa Kendall being named the Northern regional final winner, making her only the fourth woman to make it to the Grand Final.


David Broome and Don Nicolson: Today's panel features two former Feds with a love of farming but differing political agendas.

Don Fraser: The man behind Fraser Farm Finance talks about a Kiwi disconnect and scourge of political correctness.

Jim Hopkins: Is a rural raconteur who weighs in the water debate and reiterates his comments that any attack on farming is an attack on our standard of living.