A female junior rugby coach, who pushed a referee after a friendly match on Saturday, is the subject of a complaint with the Otago Rugby Football Union.

The incident was believed to have occurred on Saturday, on the first day of the season, in what was a friendly round.

A bystander, who watched the game, said the coach was on the field, encroaching over the sideline for most of the game, yelling at the referee and players.

She came on to the field at the end of the game when the pushing incident occurred.


Otago Rugby Football Union referee education officer Jim Thomson said an official judicial process was under way and, because of that, he could not comment.

The referee was a secondary school pupil, who was among a group of pupils set to referee in the junior grades.

It is believed a complaint has been lodged by the referee and the opposing side was preparing to also put in a complaint.

Otago union general manager Richard Kinley said he was not aware of any complaints, but because it was an independent judicial process, he would not be making any comment.

The woman spoke to the parents involved in her team on Saturday after the game and apologised for her actions.

She was said to be extremely remorseful for her actions and had written letters to the referee, opposition and the Otago union, outlining her disappointment in her actions.

It is not known whether she will continue to coach the side this season.

She has been involved with the team for many years. The team won their grade last year, going through unbeaten.