Scottish golfer Colin Montgomerie is suing his ex-wife for £5million (NZ$8.85m) as their messy divorce battle has gone to court.

The 53-year-old, who has won 31 times on the European Tour, has claimed that he was forced to sign unfair post-nuptial agreement with ex-wife Gaynor, the Daily Mail reports.

The divorce battle has reached the Scotland's highest civil court.

Montgomerie, worth around NZ$70.8m, married Gaynor in 2008 but according to reports he agreed to sign a post nuptial agreement two years later.


In court it was heard that Montgomerie made claims against an unfair post nuptial agreement that was signed in 2010 where the golfer agreed to pay for the upkeep of Gaynor's £2m farmhouse if the couple broke up.

The farmhouse was owned by Gaynor before marrying Montgomerie.

The Daily Mail reports that according to court papers lodged by Montgomerie's legal team, his ex-wife put pressure on his to sign the post nuptial agreement so their marriage could continue.

The court papers also say that Gaynor discovered that her husband had been having an extra marital relationship, The Daily Mail reports.

The British newspaper reports Gaynor is counter-suing for £5million (NZ$8.85m) and NZ$17,723-per-month payments.