If fight fans love seeing a knockout, then witnessing two in the same fight must be the ultimate.

That dream became reality for those watching on at Shamrock FC 285 in Kansas City when Alan Vasquez stepped into the cage against Axel Cavares.

Less than 100 seconds into the bout, both fighters landed brutal right hands at the exact same time to send each other crashing to the canvas. For the pair of them, it was like staring into a mirror as they prepared to make their finishing move.

Except a mirror doesn't punch back.


Vasquez's nose was plastered across his face, as straight as a horseshoe. We dare say he'll be breathing out of his mouth for a while yet.

But despite the gruesome injury he was declared the winner because he was able to recover slightly quicker than Cavares. And by recover, we mean take a little less time to stumble unconvincingly to his feet.

One commentator could barely believe what he saw, repeating the phrase "Oh my goodness" at least three times.

His co-caller chimed in, saying what most of us were thinking: "I have never seen that."

The pair spent most of the early stages grappling on the ground before getting to their feet to stalk each other.

Vasquez was the first to go on the offensive, striding forward and finding his range.

But as they say, great minds think alike. So when he put his weight behind a right-hander, Cavares did the same. Then it was lights out for the two of them.

Though Vasquez was first to his feet, he was far from comfortable. While Cavares remained slumped against the cage, his American opponent was doubled over, hands on knees, before going over to the side of the Octagon to rest his head.

Medical staff attended to both men.

The fight evoked memories of Gray Maynard's clash with Robert Emerson in The Ultimate Fighter 5 finale in 2007 in which both men were knocked out.

Maynard forced Emerson against the cage then picked him up and dumped him, but hit his own head on the floor in the process, knocking himself out. There was initial confusion about who the victor was, as Emerson tapped out before an unconscious Maynard rolled over onto his back.

Both men lay next to each other in obvious distress and the result was deemed a no contest.