Moments after Michael Phelps defeated Chad le Clos to claim his 20th Olympic gold medal, trolls mercilessly took hold of the South African's Wikipedia page.

Phelps and le Clos have developed a healthy rivalry in the pool, which was brought to the public's attention once again at Rio with Phelps' now infamous pre-race staredown from the earlier day's action.

So when the American triumphantly took gold in the 200m butterfly on day four, internet rascals had an absolute field day editing le Clos' Wikipedia page.

Under the his profile description on the popular internet encyclopaedia, le Clos' nickname was listed as 'Michael Phelps Pool Boy', 'The guy who lost to Phelps', 'Chad oh so le Clos' and 'Chad le Choke' [sic].


The burns didn't end there though.

Under the 2016 Olympics subsection, things got even harsher.

"He [le Clos] also qualified for the finals of the 200 metre butterfly event where he came 4th. Died at the hands of Michael Phelps the single greatest American since Abraham Lincoln [sic]," one Wikipedia entry read.

As rogue edits were quickly corrected by Wikipedia, new ones were hastily made.

"Le Clos' swimming career came to an end during these Olympics, as Michael Phelps stuffed him into a locker and stole his lunch money," read another entry.

"His gold medals and world records were officially rescinded when Michael Phelps tied him to a lane line and pantsed him in the Rio Olympic pool," posted one user.