Over the past month the Herald has been counting down our list of the top 25 New Zealand Olympians.

Today we revealed our number one pick. Look back on the 25 athletes who made the list.

No 6: Val Adams
No 7: The 1972 rowing eight
No 8: Barbara Kendall
No 9: Blyth Tait
No 10: Jack Lovelock
No 11: Sarah Ulmer
No 12: Ian Ferguson
No 13: Sir John Walker
No 14: The 1976 men's hockey team
No 15: Sir Murray Halberg
No 16: Hamish Carter

No 17: Mahe Drysdale

No 18: Bruce Kendall
No 19: Rob Waddell
No 20: Hamish Bond and Eric Murray
No 21: Paul MacDonald
No 22: Sir Russell Coutts
No 23: Ted Morgan

No 24: Norman Read
No 25: Alan Thompson