Check out who will be waving the Kiwi flag.

Richie Patterson

Birthdate: April 30, 1983
Home town: Auckland
Discipline: 75kg weightlifting
Previous Olympics: Beijing, 2008, London 2012
Fact: Patterson qualified for London courtesy of team mate Tavita Ngalu lifting a weight while having ripped his quadriceps at the Oceania champs that year, which enabled Patterson to go as New Zealand's highest-ranked lifter.

Tracey Lambrechs. Photo / Brett Phibbs
Tracey Lambrechs. Photo / Brett Phibbs

Tracey Lambrechs

Birthdate: Aug 27, 1985, Johannesburg
Home town: Auckland
Discipline: 75+kg weightlifting
Previous Olympics: None
Fact: Lambrechs was born in Johannesburg and has competed at the last two Commonwealth Games, finishing fifth in 2010 and third in 2014.