Ever wondered what it would be like to play Harry Potter's favourite sport?

No doubt many a die-hard Harry Potter fan would have imagined what it would be like to be able to play a real game of airborne Quidditch.

Much to the likely jealousy of those wizard-tragics, a group of eight skydiver's got to do exactly that, acting out a game of Quidditch after hurling themselves from a plane.

Complete with brooms, a quaffle and a goal ring, the group did a pretty good job of re-enacting the sport.


The stunt was initially intended as an advertisement for Colombian telecommunications company ETB, but the footage has since gone viral, and it's not for ETB's global popularity.

Even Harry would be proud of that effort.

Quidditch has made its way into mainstream sport since its imaginary roots as a brainchild of J.K.Rowling, with the United States Quidditch Association founded in 2005.

Since then, an International Quidditch Association has been set-up, with countries competing in two World Cups since 2012.

Unlike the game played at Hogwarts however, gravity keeps players' feet firmly planted on the ground in a game not unlike lacrosse.

Participants do, however, still keep a broom between their legs at all times.

Australia has its own Quidditch organisation, and competes in international competitions.