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When you think of MMA, you think of perfectly sculpted athletes who look like they've been chiselled out of granite.

Heck, you'd have to be when your career involves stepping inside the Octagon and submitting yourself to being punched, kicked, kneed and choked on a regular basis. Apart from a strange indifference to pain, you'd think some serious muscle would be a pre-requisite to being a professional fighter.

Well, Chinese fighter Aorigele doesn't quite fit the mould of your stereotypical mixed martial artist.

The 21-year-old looks to have taken a different approach towards hitting the gym and dieting than most of his peers, but it's obviously something he thinks works for him. The 150kg heavyweight has only fought a handful of bouts - winning two and losing three - and boasts a healthy layer (or two) of fat to absorb the impact from any nasty blows.

Unfortunately, that protective cushioning didn't do its job in his fight against Hong-Man Choi at ROAD FC 030 on Sunday morning. The South Korean colossus towered above Aorigele at an astonishing 2.18m compared to his opponent's 1.88m, and he looked like he'd spent a large portion of his 35 years lifting weights.

While the result went the way most would have expected - Hong-Man Choi won in quick time with more than three minutes still remaining in the first round - the fight ended in bizarre fashion.

While the two were grappling, Aorigele appeared to just fall down of his own accord. He wasn't struck or choked, it was as if his legs just magically gave way.

Lying on the floor, Hong-Man Choi laid into him with punches to the head and body before he was declared the winner.

Viewers were left questioning how Aorigele collapsed at all, questioning if he took a dive - it really didn't make sense.


It's a pity too because, as the video above shows, Aorigele looked to have the upper hand early in the bout, clearly the more aggressive of the two. He was swinging hard and swinging often, but evidently couldn't sustain it.

ROAD FC is an MMA promotion based in South Korea. It was launched in 2010.