Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams is one cool customer, even when put on the spot by a Hollywood reporter.

Earlier this week, the Oklahoma City Thunder centre was in Los Angeles prior to the game against LA Clippers when he was fronted by a journalist from gossip website TMZ.

The attention didn't faze the laidback Kiwi, in fact, he took it in his stride.

In the impromptu interview on the sidewalk he revealed he had been mistaken for Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa and that he would consider TV or movie roles.


"When I was in Croatia I actually got mistaken for him [Momoa]," Adams said. Adding that the mix-up helped him, "getting into clubs and stuff".

When told he's a "legitimate star in the NBA", a humble Adams replied: "I'm not that big though, I'm pretty low-key."

As for an acting career, Adams wouldn't rule it out.

"I don't know, haven't given it too much thought, mate," he said. "Just focusing on basketball right now.

"Not eliminating it, I'd take it if it's there."

And what show would he appear in? Game of Thrones, of course.