Australian Cricketers' Association president Greg Dyer is calling for a transfer system to be introduced into international cricket that would see the likes of outcast England batsman Kevin Pietersen playing for Zimbabwe.

Dyer wants to level the playing field of test cricket by allowing countries to sign three internationals, with a minimum three-year commitment required.

It would allow the likes of Pietersen, whose cards have been marked for life by England, to resume his international career with another nation.

"It's pretty out-there, and that is, the idea of having players who are transferable between countries on a much simpler basis with far less concern for qualification," Dyer told the Herald Sun.


"What if Kevin Pietersen was playing test cricket for say Zimbabwe? He's clearly a test match player and he's wasted to the game. I use him as an example, but what if there were the opportunities for the international transfers of players?

"I'm looking at this to try and get an equalisation.

"If you say the objective is to have as many competitive test nations as possible, then that's a way that you could do that in a very short space of time."

In his annual report, Dyer also calls for the establishment of a test championship to enliven the five-day game and celebrates the removal of ICC chairman N Srinivasan.