As we approach the 'back end' of the year, counts down a 'sensational' list of commentary clunkers we don't need to hear in 2014?

1. "The back end", as in "the Warriors have struggled at the back end of games", "the back end of their sets of six", "the back end of the half". We just hope to see the back end of this curiously league trait. It is "the end", or even "the back" would be fine, but "the back end" is bollocks.

2. "That's a great cricket shot." Now if the sport is golf, or tennis, then this is a genuinely interesting observation. If it's cricket, then it's fatuous.

3. "Take a bow (insert name here)", has become a beloved catchphrase of the netball set. Thankfully, this request has yet to take off with the players, who seldom stop to take a bow.


4. "They've come to play." Phew, for a minute there we were wondering if they'd come to debate the merits of Immanuel Kant's Moral Philosophy.

5. "Great", "Sensational", "Legend", "Outrageous". We're not saying you can't use these terms, but please treat them with a little more care and respect.

6. "Trey", or is it "tray"? Actually, it's three points, but why let that get in the way of trying hard to sound a wannabe American trying desperately for some "hoops" street-cred.

7. "These scrums really are a mess." We know. We're suffering just like you Nisbo.

Ross Taylor demonstrates a great cricket shot. Or was it sensational? Photo / Getty

What are some of your commentary pet peeves? Let us know below...