Eve Gordon, performance director for Splore Festival, shares with Viva her varied passions.

Eve Gordon is the true definition of an all-round performer, having worked as an actor, aerialist, producer, film-maker and costume-maker - and now performance director for next weekend's Splore Festival. Gordon, who will appear in the upcoming season of The Almighty Johnsons and runs aerial theatre company Dust Palace, has programmed the line-up for the festival's Living Lounge, performances that sit alongside the main musical acts - including circus performances, burlesque, trapeze artists, comedy, a one-man band and more. Much like that list, Gordon's favourite things are an eclectic mix, from the glitz and glamour of the circus to giant turtles and strawberries.

1. Costume collection

My costumes are both an asset and just a large collection of things of beauty. I could dress a cast of 50 in looks from 1940s burlesque lingerie to futuristic slugs - of which I have two - and everything in between!

2. Antique collectables


To go with the antique aesthetic I have, among other things, an old French glass bedside lamp, a chaise longue, two gramophones, and a bunch of antique Chinese posters featuring bathing and cycling beauties.

3. Hardware

Where would any circus performer be without her hardware, carabiners and the like. I have a suitcase full of the shiniest, hardest hardware money can buy. Over the last few years I have been acquiring "gear" as we call it so at any moment I can hang from the ceiling ... safely!

4. Sewing machine

I couldn't do anything without my sewing machine and overlocker. So very practical, they have been with me for years and they're very much like old friends.

5. Boots

My amazing 6-inch boots. Good for all occasions.

6. My violin

I never play it any more but it's really old and pretty flash and sometimes it's useful in keeping the neighbourhood onside (not).

7. Sparkles and the circus

Sparkles and the circus are synonymous. When I first began circus performing I tried to resist the glitz and glam, preferring a more antique lace look mixed with minimalist chic. I have since learned that sparkles and circus are a match made in heaven, and now I have a small collection of deadly sparkly antique jewellery.

8. Niece's art

Mostly consisting of mermaids, princess, cats and babies. My favourite piece is a warning sign for drivers saying, "don't crash into giraffes".

9. Computer

It means I can organise cool party fun times and things.

10. Show props

These are the props for the show I am doing for Splore: a giant inflatable turtle, half a dozen mannequins, a giant strawberry and some velcro merkins...

* Splore, February 17-19, Tapapakanga Regional Park. Tickets $220.