digitally created by Belgian photogra' />

These creepy mash ups of 'children body builders' are digitally created by Belgian photographer Kurt Stallaert, using the muscular bodies of bodybuilders with the youthful faces of children. More here...
What would Thelma and Louise say? This should only be stuck to a dashboard in irony.
Video: Need your faith in humanity restored?
Video: A delightful short titled How to Kiss (circa 1989) by Bill Plympton... and if you're game, the NSFW How to Make Love to a Woman, an animated guide to "the slippery and challenging path to true [heterosexual] romance".

Media: Guardian columnist Charlie Brooker speaks to psychiatrists about news coverage's perpetuation of mass shootings ...
Travel: In 1989 Gunther Holtorf began what was supposed to be an 18 month trip across Africa in his Merc. Well, 23 years later, the trip (and the car) is still going.
Video: The one that got away...Scroll along to 40 seconds in if you can't stand the tension.
TV: Famous for their cameos of famous voice, here is a lovely compilation of actors who have died, but been immortalised in The Simpsons.
Video: The Mirror (Le Miroir) is a French short film which tells the story of one man's life from childhood to old in less than five minutes. (Can anyone who speaks French tell us what is being said in the radio broacast?)

Le Miroir from ramonandpedro on Vimeo.