Anti-pervert hairy leg stockings are designed to repel males ogling young ladies' legs and are growing in popularity in China. They look warm.

Extra teabag? That will be $3.90, thank you

Doug from Orewa writes: "After shopping at Albany Mall we went to a cafe to have lunch. As one who enjoys a nice strong cup of tea I inquired as to how much they would charge me for an extra teabag thinking it would be about 50 cents, but the assistant behind the counter said, $3.90! I said I don't want another cup of tea, I just want an extra teabag! She said, 'yes, a teabag will cost you $3.90'. I replied, 'but I can almost buy a box of 100 teabags for that price', less than 5 cents each. So I asked for the manager and said to him, 'listen, we are having lunch here today which is costing us $21.50 and because I like my tea strong I have asked for an extra teabag and your assistant has told me that it will cost me $3.90. This is an absolute rip-off, daylight robbery ...' He said, 'I am sorry, sir, but it is head office policy'. Ridiculous."

You say academic, I say pervert


A woman in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighbourhood reported to a local news blog that she had seen a man operating a drone from a footpath with the drone hovering just outside a third-floor window of a private home. The pilot said he was "doing research" and said that he was not violating anyone's privacy because he was on a public footpath and the drone was in public airspace. The couple called police, by which time the pilot and his drone had gone. (Source: News of the Weird)

Dancing around the law

A 48-year-old man from Perth has been fined for pulling a double horse trailer packed with 54 people. A Perth police officer pulled over the truck pulling the trailer because it didn't look like it contained horses. When the driver opened the trailer doors, 54 people spilled out. They were headed to a rodeo dance.

Readers upset by flash of flesh

A few readers (three, actually) emailed to say yesterday's photo from Google Maps showing the buttocks of a teenage fisherman was indecent and offensive and that "the country's paper of record should not include explicit nudity". In case it's not a wind-up and there are people who feel that way, let me say I believe the image of the buttock, measuring just 3mm in a humour column, was acceptable and appropriate.

Picture this: Not everyone is asleep....

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