A self-described 'pleb' who wrote a late-night drunken rant criticising the Wallabies, is shocked by the viral success of his post.

Jack Quigley's post on the Wallabies Facebook page has attracted more than 41,000 likes and 4,000 shares in just two days.

Quigley told abc.net.au that he composed his post after consuming many beers while watching the Wallabies lose to Scotland.

"Cards on the table, I wrote that really late on Saturday night after drowning my sorrows for several hours after the game," Mr Quigley told abc.


"For me, the most shocking thing was how well my spelling and grammar held up given the circumstances."

Mr Quigley's post bemoaned the lack of passion displayed by the Wallabies, and included an offer to give the team a 15-minute pep talk.

I'm a pleb. I'm a nobody. My opinion on rugby counts for the square root of f-all in the grand scheme of things.
But I've got one thing. Passion. Passion for the game of rugby. And for the Wallabies. And you can't deny me that. Despite your best efforts.
When I was a kid - hell, even now, I would've given my left nut just to pull on a Wallabies jumper, but when I see you guys run out, I feel like you don't care.
I'm willing to drive to Brisbane this week and address the squad. For 15 minutes. That's all I'll need. Then I'll turn around and drive home again. Because I feel like you've lost touch with the common man.

When Quigley woke on Sunday, he was overwhelmed with Facebook notifications responding to his post.

"Clearly I've hit a nerve with the rugby community because the outpouring of support has been remarkable," he said.

Hi guys, Just wondering if you'd be so kind as to pass this on to Michael Cheika on my behalf. My name is Jack...

Posted by Jack Quigley on Saturday, 17 June 2017