This weekend is the last chance to light up the school holidays with a night excursion to City Focus.

The Affinity Light Installation closes on Sunday and - even with a short closure to repair damage caused by heavy rain - it has large numbers coming in to the city to view it.

Thousands had visited the site, said Mandy Godo, Rotorua Lakes Council project manager.

"We are thrilled with the number of people visiting Affinity. Typically local families are bringing their children in the early evening, with tourists walking down later, after dinner, as the sculpture is visible all the way from Eat Streat," she said.


"The evening atmosphere and beauty of the light display seems to create an atmosphere for sharing, with many people sharing their personal stories on how their lives have been impacted by family members with dementia."

The light sculpture is stimulated by touch, depicting how neurons work in the brain.

Affinity is symbolic of both the lighting up of our brains, and the lighting up of our awareness and compassion toward people living with dementia. It is an opportunity to teach children both how the brain works as well as awareness about the needs of different people in the community.

Heading into the last week of the school holidays, there are also plenty of day-time activities for children.

Rotorua Museum is holding its ever-popular holiday crafts from next Monday, 10am until 3pm each day of the final week.

The focus changes on Anzac Day when crafts will change to poppy wreaths to commemorate our servicemen and women.

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The Government Garden Egg Hunt is still going and families are encouraged to search the grounds for clues to win prizes. This is also run by the Rotorua Museum with clue sheets available from Rotorua iSite (Fenton St), Te Runanga Tearooms or downloaded from the Rotorua Museum Facebook or website.

Once you've found all the eggs and solved the mystery word, you can enter the draw to win a great Easter prize pack. Entry boxes will be at Rotorua iSite and Te Runanga Tearooms. All entries need to be in by May 1.

Head to the Redwoods if the children are up for a goose chase through the trees. The Sport Bay of Plenty interactive chase is the chance for people who want to explore the outdoors while using their digital devices in an app-based Amazing Race style event. This is suitable for families and is on until the end of the holidays.