Herald Rating: 3/5
Address: 33 Calliope Rd, Devonport

We came here because

we were on an expedition to Devonport and decided to try this cafe away from the main thoroughfare.

Parking was on one of the little side streets. The cafe usefully has a sign warning customers of a 10-minute limit in front of it and the neighbouring dairy.

We walked in and immediately thought the cafe was light and spacious, and the tile and brick walls gave character. It is a nice touch too that commission from sales of the local artwork on display goes to the City Mission.


The most unusual thing on the menu was the combination of Asian and Irish dishes on the menu.

We ordered the Colcannon brunch of soft poached eggs, potato mash with leek, onion and cabbage, topped with bacon and lemon hollandaise ($15.90); the big brunch, of soft poached eggs, bacon, beef sausage, tomato, mushroom, chutney and sweet onion on sourdough grain toast ($19.90); bang bang chicken - Sichuan satay chicken on a crunchy Oriental salad of carrots, tomato, sprouts and lettuce with grilled ciabatta and Oriental pesto ($14.50) and a Caesar salad with chicken ($9.50) Only the bang bang chicken scored any points for presentation but all were tasty enough.

The service was sufficient for a slow day.

The coffee was good, the hot chocolate too, along with its mini chocolate fish.

We recommend if you come here take time to explore the side streets of Devonport before returning to the main drag and its tempting boutiques.

Overall we thought Calliope Road could improve in the food presentation stakes.