An aerial image of Unitec's ambitious plans for its 53ha Mt Albert campus show dozens of apartments and townhouses squeezed onto its site.

Its submission on the Unitary Plan contains a graphic called "indicative Wairaka Masterplan", revealing the places packed onto the Waterview Connection or Pt Chevalier end of its land.

The aerial also shows the Mason Clinic gone, even though this is not on Unitec land.

The image appears on page 168 of a big document which the Herald is now hosting on its website.


Unitec said on Friday it did not know how many houses it could fit onto its site and strongly denied speculation from politicians of 400 and 800 residences planned to rise there.

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Rick Ede, Unitec chief executive, said there were no definite numbers of residences yet and any scheme was more an indication of what could be achieved, rather than a masterplan for precisely what would be built.

More information is now being sought on the plans, after Auckland councillor Cathy Casey and Albert Eden Local Board chairman Peter Haynes raised issues about the scheme.

See the Unitec document, including maps here: