Last week you would have read about how to get more time. Read it here, or the simple outline: One eliminate. Two delegate. Three do better.

Let's apply this concept to being more successful in business. How does this acronym sound to you?

Doing the Right C.R.A.P.

Right Customers - For business development, it takes the same amount of effort to market to and find customers that have a higher spend. In other words people who will use the $500 service vs. the $100 service for example.


Right Results - The work and time you spend must help you achieve your goal. A perfect example of this is social media. It takes an enormous amount of time and attention to do it correctly. If the end result doesn't meet your goal - more sales, more referrals, much better branding; or if the sales generated from the social media activity are lower that other avenues, is it the right thing to do for your business? The time spent there is stolen from other activities. Would you be better off targeting existing customers than always chasing new ones?

Right Activity - If your job is to bring in the income, to develop new customers, is it the right use of your time to do different activities such as administration, helping other staff members, fixing the copier?

By this you know I mean doing jobs that others whose time is not as valuable can accomplish. Additionally by using and learning your everyday technology better will help you to free up time normally wasted puttering around doing things one by one by one by replacing it with many at a time. For example using the 'rules' function to manage your emails. Keeping a great database. A smartphone to boost your productivity while out of the office.

Right Place - Are your efforts directed in the correct location. For example advertising in the right media where your 'Right customers' are looking? If your demographic is mature decision making males, will Facebook be the right place for your efforts? Just because social media is the 'in' thing right now does not mean it's the right place for your businesses efforts.

So let me ask. How focused are you?