What a lot of blather about the latest Air New Zealand safety video. I saw it for the first time, in full, on Friday night and was fully prepared to be incensed, appalled and outraged after all the carry-on since its release. I had tut tutted about the back-up dancers in Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines video; I had been equal parts bemused and bored by the Burgen bread "Are you a Burgen virgin?" billboards and so I was well prepared to be furious at yet more objectification of women, this time from our national carrier. But really?

It's not the cleverest Air NZ safety video, admittedly. But where's the harm in good-looking young women - and men - cavorting on a beach in swimwear? At least it's in context. They're bikini models advertising a tropical paradise - not a continuing education college. Or a photocopier. Or bread. And yes, they're slim and white of teeth and glossy of hair - so sue them. Maybe it's because I'm middle-aged, but I like looking at attractive bodies. It beats what I see in the mirror when I get out of the shower. And I seriously doubt that any man sitting next to me on the plane is going to look at the video and start fantasising about me in a bikini, as one woman academic feared would happen to women travellers.

I looked at those lovely young things on the video and thought good on them. They look great in beachwear. But my body has produced a perfect, healthy baby. It's in rude good health and hasn't (to date) needed ongoing medical care. It's run five marathons and taken me to the highest point of Kilimanjaro. I'm grateful for its functionality, if not its form. Let's all enjoy what we've been given and lighten up a little. Taking offence seems to be a full-time occupation these days.