Cancer patients are drinking a water, chlorine and sodium mix produced by a Taranaki farmer with no medical background who calls it a ‘game changer’ in treatment of the disease. Carolyne Meng-Yee talks to one patient.

Stuart Austin is over the moon he's alive.

The 61 year-old meat worker from Te Aroha is still coming to terms he was able to "walk out of the Waikato Hospice last Tuesday after a three week stay and no hope".

"I was crook as I thought I was going to die. I was peeing blood, which was painful, and the doctors told me it (cancer) would kill me."

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Two years ago the father-of-four was diagnosed with bladder cancer.

"The future was grim, At the start I was told I had a month to live, that was 18 months ago."

His brother Tom, phoned Vernon Coxhead for a supply of Te Kiri Gold, which Austin drinks with chocolate milk three times a day.

He calls the solution GOLD and knows it won't cure the cancer but he feels 99.5 per cent better.

"I have a lot more energy and feel like a changed person. I can walk around the garden which I haven't been able to do in a while."

He said the docters and nurses supported him drinking the water.

"They are brilliant people - they don't judge and they don't knock it and they've seen the changes in me."

Austin said doctors were "blown away " by his progress too.

"My blood count is up and my kidneys are in good shape."