About 80 people gathered outside the Waikato Regional Council today - standing in solidarity with others up and down the country as a 15 thousand signature petition calling for a moratorium on freshwater exports was delivered to Parliament.

Barbara Taniora says she's concerned for the future state of New Zealand waters and "our kids of the future".

Eight-year-old Reese Rowe knows water is important to survive and "grow our plants."

Sarah Thomson agrees, and says water is a huge part of Kiwis' lifestyle, and being able to go for a swim in a clean watering hole and drinking from streams is "part of the Kiwi dream."


She wants more action on the issue.

"I think it's important to make a stand here, because our local regional councils do have a say as well in what we do in terms of water quality, and hopefully after hearing these voices here today they will take them down to Wellington as well."

Charmaine McMurchy says the increasing levels of E Coli are unacceptable, and she also believes water should be protected from exploitation.

"This is our resource for our children our great grandchildren for generations to come and one day if we're not careful we might have to buy all our water back from overseas."

The petition was presented to Labour water spokesperson David Parker at lunchtime.

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