The 19-year-old girl was lured to one of the Dome Valley defendants' homes before she was allegedly ambushed, tasered, had a hot meth-pipe rolled down her leg then kidnapped, the victim has told a court.

During the alleged abduction in April last year, the victim had her hair hacked off and a knife held to her throat and told to sign her car over to them, the court heard.

The woman told the High Court at Auckland today she was then driven to the Bombay Hills and told: "If you ever come back to Auckland you're going to get more of the same."

The teenager, who has automatic name suppression, is giving evidence during the trial of five people charged in relation to two kidnappings before she was allegedly beaten with a hammer and left for dead on the side of the road in Dome Valley last May.


The alleged attacks happened because she was rumoured to have slept with an ex-boyfriend of one of the defendants.

The accused are Michelle Blom, Nicola Jones, Cameron Hakeke, Wayne Blackett and Julie-Ann Torrance and all have been charged with varying offences.

The defence lawyers say the defendants are innocent of the charges as some already admitted the roles they played in the attack.

The court heard from the woman for the first time via an audio visual link today.

She said she'd known Jones since she was 3 years old and considered her a "really good friend".

The woman also knew Torrance and Hakeke through working in the sex industry.

On April 23, the woman said Hakeke asked to buy a "Q", a quarter of a gram, of methamphetamine so she went to his house in Green Bay.

When she arrived, Torrance was there and said: "Oh hi."

The woman said Torrance replied: "Oh hi, is that all you've got to say?"

Jones then allegedly jumped out from behind the door and tackled her to the ground. Jones and Torrance then started kicking her in the head and stomach.

They told her Hakeke had gone to get a dirty needle for her.

She said they then pulled out a "stun gun" and took it in turns to taser her under her arms and between her thighs.

After she was told they were going to kill her whole family and make her watch, Jones left and Torrance smoked meth from a pipe.

She then allegedly rolled the hot pipe down her leg.

"It was excruciating. The pain was the worst pain I'd ever felt in my life."

Jones and Hakeke returned then along with Torrance they started to hack off her long hair to her shoulders, the woman said.

They also allegedly held the woman's own flip-knife to her neck and forced her to sign a piece of paper which meant she was signing over her car to them.

"I was living out of my car at the time so it had everything I owned in it."

They then all got in her car - Jones drove, Hakeke was in the front passenger seat and Torrance was in the back with the woman - and went out to the Bombay Hills.

She was let out of the car and the woman said Jones and Torrance told her to hitchhike back to her mother's place in Taupo and to never to return to Auckland.

The trial continues.