It's all in the family for Tony Rees and his two boys Mitch and Damon.

They're competing in the New Zealand Superbike Championships - which culminate with the final at the beginning of March - after four race meets across the country.

"There's nothing like riding a motorbike, the thrill of riding a motorbike and getting it right. The line is always fine between on and off," says Tony Rees.

Mr Rees owns a motorcycle business and works alongside his sons in Whakatane.


He's been racing since 1981, but the most recent season has proven to be the most memorable.

"To ride in a race with my sons, is just a pretty amazing feeling actually. And my wife, she's always there organising and she's right there making it happen as well, so it is a real family affair."

Tony currently sits at the top of his table's leaderboard. His elder son, Mitch, is racing superbikes for the first time.

"Tony and Damo asked me last year if I wanted to come do the six hour with them, and I said oh yeah, but I needed to do some riding because I'd never ridden a road-bike before," says Mitch Rees.

He says the family eats, sleeps and breathes bikes.

"I don't get as nervous riding myself, but I get quite nervous watching Damo. I guess I'm just so amped for him and want him to do well, because he's impressive!"

Mitch's younger brother Damon suffered a setback at the recent Invercargill meet after he crashed during one of the races, but he's not out yet.

"Hopefully we can come away after Taupo really close to the championship lead again, all it takes really is for the front guy to crash," says Damon Rees.

But, the men say the risk of an injury is worth the thrill of getting their bikes up to speeds of 280 kmph.

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