The Armed Offenders Squad swarmed a Hamilton street last night where a man had reportedly run off with a shotgun.

Police cordoned the area around Maitland St in Frankton where the man had reportedly run down a driveway.

A police spokesman said at 9.20pm the cordon had been removed, but police continued to make inquiries in response to a report of a man having a firearm.

Earlier yesterday, there were six police cars, a number of unmarked police cars, several officers, a large number of armed offenders squad members and police dogs are at the scene, Maitland St resident Brent Halpon said.‚Äč


"There's snipers on every corner. It's pretty intense."

Another Maitland St resident, Lizzie Pascoe, said she was told by police that the man ran off with a shotgun after being pulled over by police.

A Maitland St resident then called police saying there was a man with a shotgun in their backyard.