An Auckland Transport worker is shocked no one came to his aid as he was beaten by a pack of up to 10 teens in a Manukau car park.

The 25-year-old, who asked not to be named, said he was the victim of a "horrible incident" where a largely female group tried to steal his car while he sat in it near the Countdown supermarket at Manukau Westfield on Monday night.

It is the second time he has been the victim of such an attack and said he "no longer feels safe".

"I had just finished work at 6.30pm. I was sitting in the driver's seat and they came to try and grab the key out of my car," he told the Herald.


Initially, he said, just two people wre involved but when he refused to give up his car keys more joined in.

"I came out of the car and at the same time three or four [more] came over and started to push me and started to punch me."

As he was being hit, his Toyota Corolla was being ransacked.

"I tried to run away but I slipped. They kicked and punched me hard when I was on the ground.

"I saw a few people [watching], but no one came to help."

Once the mob was finished with him, the man was able to call police, who arrived within 15 minutes.

Police searched the area around the supermarket and quickly found the group, arresting one female, the man said.

Suffering from bruising around his eyes, a swollen face, an injured leg and grazes to his arms, the man said he was grateful to the one woman who helped him after the attack.

"I really appreciate a girl who tried to help me when I was calling police but other people were just watching the show."

The transport worker, who has lived in Manukau since last September, said the attack wasn't the first time he had been targeted.

Two men robbed him in downtown Auckland late one night two years ago after his car broke down, he said.

The manager on duty on Monday night at the Manukau city centre Countdown said he was unaware of the attack.

A police spokeswoman said a 17-year-old woman has been charged with common assault and shoplifting from a previous incident.